Olympus the Musical

Olympus the Musical is an original work weaving famous Greek myths and well-known gods and heroes. It was written by Jennifer Tarof (book and lyrics) and music was created by Larry Tarof. In this show, you will follow Persephone's journey as she wrestles with her imprisonment in the Underworld, help Heracles tackle his 10 tasks, join Prometheus as wins freedom and immortality and learn what happened after Icarus fell from the sun. Olympus will force you to question the nature of immortality and will leave you wondering: just what makes a hero?

Showcase Jun, 2011
Articipate grant awarded Jul, 2011
Workshop Aug, 2011
First cast recording released Nov, 2011
Sheet music released Dec, 2011
Book: Jenny Tarof
Lyrics: Jenny Tarof
Music: Larry Tarof

Olympus the Musical First Cast Recording - Various Artists Sheet music Sheet music
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Arrangements: Larry Tarof
Recorded 2011: Dr L's Music/Kanata Acoustic Recordings
Vocals: Olympus Showcase/Workshop cast
Piano: Larry Tarof

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