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Dr L's offers a wide range of musical services, from performance (piano accompaniment/live performance/music lessons) to arranging/composing to production (backup CDs/sheet music/vocal CDs). Dr L's studio is based in Ottawa, Canada

Larry Tarof ("Dr. L") is an Ottawa, Canada based musician with a loyal following within the local music scene. He enjoys a reputation for outstanding pop/musical theater arrangements, choral arrangements, live performances, and original compositions. He has appeared live hundreds of times, gigs frequently as a jazz/cocktail pianist, and is kept quite busy accompanying musical theater. His growing body of original works (100+) includes jazz, musical theatre, pop/rock and sacred music. Within Ottawa's two largest synagogues, runs a religious school music program and appears (vocals, guitar and piano) every Friday as Kabbalat Shabbat soloist at Temple Israel, and has directed multiple choirs and a Klezmer band at Agudath Israel. At the studio, he has produced many demos, hundreds of backup tracks, many arrangements and fully produced CDs. As pianist/composer, Larry is delighted to have released his 2012 CD "C is for Cosmopolitan" featuring all-original compositions, and Olympus the Musical, an all-original musical collaboration with Jenny Tarof. Music runs in the family: his son Daniel appears on guitar in "Fearless" (2005) and "Shneur" (2008) and he collaborated on both "Fearless" and "Olympus the Musical" with daughter Jenny. "Dr. L" was profiled in 2005 on CJOH-TV's popular "CJOH-TV Regional Contact" and has also appeared at other times on television in Ottawa. He is also presently the MD/accompanist for the Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble, and is involved with multiple original projects. "Dr L." is also a research scientist, having earned his a Ph.D. in semiconductor physics, and even had CEO, CTO and "Principal Scientist" stints in the high tech world in between bouts of being a full-time musician. This eclectic background distinguishes him as uniquely multi-talented with producer/entrepreneurial/musicianship skills which enhance the reputation of his studio, "Dr L's Music", which has been in operation since 1992.

Currently held professional music positions

Musical Director/Teacher, Temple Israel Religious School music program (1994-2000, 2003-present)

-Define repertoire and pedagogy; teach Jewish music to students K-Grade 6
-Repertoire of 100 songs includes some of my original compositions

Soloist/accompanist, Temple Israel, Friday night services (2004-present)

-Soloist (vocals, guitar and piano) Sept'07-present
-Musical support on piano, guitar and vocal harmony for lay cantors '04-'07

Musical Director and accompanist, Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble (2014-present)

- Direct all musical parts and harmonies, working with all performers
- Develop and play accompaniment for all performances

Current professional music activities

Accompanist/arranger musical theater (1992-present)

-Ottawa's busiest musical theater accompanist at Kiwanis Festival with a reputation for high quality
-musical theater accompaniment within Ontario, and at Provincials, and when geography permits, Nationals
-collaboration with many vocal studios within Ontario
-500+ clients served
-100+ pieces performed annually during spring adjudication season
-thousands of pieces performed in public for adjudication in aggregate
-Always develop and use my own original musical theater arrangements

Performing musician (1991-present)

-Piano, guitar, voice hundreds of professional appearances
-Pianist for Becky Abbott Trio (jazz), at one time in heavy rotation ( the Brookstreet Hotel)
-Private functions, and as recommended pianist at National Arts Centre, Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa
-Private functions handled through Ottawa Wedding Piano and Piano for all occasions

Teacher, private studio (2004-present)

-Teach mainly piano, but also coach guitar and voice

Teacher, Jewish studies (1995-present)

-Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation (50+ students Temple Israel, ~5 students Conservative)
-Teacher B'nai Mitzvah class, Temple Israel (1995-2000) trop, brachot, Hebrew; Music program, Temple Israel (1994-2000, 2003-present)

Producer, Dr L's Music (1992-present)

-Produce piano and full band backups for singers (1000+ tracks produced)
-Produce demo recordings for singers
-Produce and act as musician/arranger for complete CDs for clients
-Produce/direct/arrange/perform on complete original CDs; >thousands of downloads sold


->100 compositions in classical, sacred, jazz, musical theater, pop genres
-dozens of compositions used in public performance
-collaborations with multiple lyricists and singers
-recent discography below

Selected professional performance credits

-Musical Director and accompanist: Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", 2018
-Musical Director and accompanist: Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble production of "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", 2016
-Director, multi-instrument arranger and pianist, Agudath Israel Kabbalat Shabbat ensemble, 2010-2011
-Musical Director, performance pianist, co-producer and composer: Olympus the Musical - Workshop -and Showcase, won $2000 ARTicipate grant, 2011
-Musical coordinator and performance pianist: various concerts in support of Isaac Muzikansky: "My Parents' Favourite Yiddish Songs" -- Yiddish music CD, 2011
-Pianist: Jennifer Gould's concert DVD for her Juno Award winning "Music Soup", 2009
-Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "New Clothes for the Empress", 2009
-Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "Dads in Bondage", 2008
-Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "A little bird told me", 2008
-Co-Musical Director, performance and rehearsal accompanist: Ain't Seen Noth'n Yet's production of Steven Sondheim's "Putting it together", 2006
-Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Suzart's production of "You're a good man, Charlie Brown", 2006
-Producer, arranger and musician: 15 minute orchestrated soundtrack for Kanata Children's Chorus production of "Oliver", 2006
-Profiled on CJOH-TV for "Regional Contact" May 28, 2005
-Invited judge: 2005 and 2006 Ottawa Kiwanis Idol
-Musical Director and performance pianist: RadioSirens' productions of "Fearless", multiple Ottawa venues, 2005
-Ba'al Korei (Torah reader): Agudath Israel, 2004
-Producer and musician: backup tracks for Nemesis production "Showbuzz", 2004
-Musical Director, performance pianist, composer and arranger: Dr L & Lila Rose's production of "Cupid 911", 4th stage National Arts Centre, 2004
-Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Kanata Children's Chorus production of Scrooge, 2003
-Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Nemesis production "Extravaganza", 2003
-Performance accompanist, Kostas Haitas' production: "Mama, a Rainbow", 2002
-Accompanist: Stephanie Gorin casting for Mirvish Productions, Mamma Mia, 2002

Selected discography (complete CDs only):

Larry Tarof: "C is for Cosmopolitan" -- original compositions, jazz piano CD -- composer/producer/pianist -- 2012
Olympus the musical First cast recording -- original compositions, musical theatre CD -- composer/producer/pianist -- 2011
Isaac Muzikansky: "My Parents' Favourite Yiddish Songs" -- producer/arranger/musician -- 2011
Shneur: "Modeh Ani/Gratitude" -- Hebrew music CD -- producer/arranger/musician -- 2008
RadioSirens: "Fearless" -- pop music CD -- composer/producer/musician -- 2005
Dr L and Lila Rose: "Cupid 911" -- musical theatre CD -- composer/producer/musician -- 2004
Numerous backup and demo CDs produced/performed not listed here -- client list is available upon request

Selected additional positions previously held

Director, Agudath Israel Adult Choir (2004-2013)

  • Direct SATB choir with cantorial soloist for synagogue and concert singing
  • Choir enjoyed excellent reputation in the community and in greater public, including for Israel's 60th anniversary attended by Federal Cabinet
  • Repertoire includes my original compositions and arrangements
  • Director, Agudath Israel Youth Choir (2006-2013)

  • Direct two- and three-part youth choir for synagogue and concert singing
  • Choir enjoyed successful appearances in synagogue and in greater public, including for the Israeli Ambassador
  • Repertoire - my original arrangements tailored to each cohort's capabilities
  • Contract performance instructor, Jazz/Rock piano, Carleton University 2008-c.2010

    Accompanist, Kanata Children's Choir 2002- c.2006

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