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Larry Tarof ("Dr. L") is an Ottawa, Canada based musician with a loyal following who enjoys a reputation for more than a quarter century of outstanding pop/musical theater arrangements, choral arrangements, live performances, and original compositions. He has appeared live hundreds of times, gigs frequently as a jazz/cocktail pianist, and is kept quite busy accompanying/coaching musical theater. His growing body of original works (100+) includes jazz, musical theatre, pop/rock and sacred music. Within Ottawa's two largest synagogues, he runs a religious school music program and appears (vocals, guitar and piano) every Friday as Kabbalat Shabbat soloist at Temple Israel, and has directed multiple choirs and a Klezmer band at Agudath Israel. At the studio, he has produced many demos, hundreds of backup tracks, countless arrangements and six fully produced full-length CDs to date. As pianist/composer, Larry is delighted at the radio play and reviews for his 2012 CD "C is for Cosmopolitan" featuring all-original compositions, and for the 2011 staging of Olympus the Musical, an all-original musical collaboration with Jenny Tarof. Music runs in the family: his son Daniel appears on guitar in "Fearless" (2005) and "Shneur" (2008) and he collaborated on both "Fearless" and "Olympus the Musical" with daughter Jenny. He co-founded "11 note chords", which brought the "Piano playlist" app to the market (2012-2016). "Dr. L" was profiled in 2005 on CJOH-TV's popular "CJOH-TV Regional Contact" and has also appeared at other times on television in Ottawa. He is also presently the MD/accompanist for the Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble, and is involved with multiple original projects. "Dr L." is also a research & development ("R&D") scientist, having earned his a Ph.D. in semiconductor physics, and even has CEO, CTO and "Principal Scientist" day gigs in the high tech world interspersed with bouts of being a full-time musician. This eclectic multi-talented background drives the uniqueness of his producer/entrepreneurial/musicianship skills, which in turn enhance the reputation of his studio, "Dr L's Music", which has been in operation since 1992.

Currently held professional music positions

Musical Director/Teacher, Temple Israel Religious School music program (1994-2000, 2003-present)

  • Define repertoire and pedagogy; teach Jewish music to students K-Grade 6
  • Repertoire of 100 songs includes some of my original compositions

Soloist/accompanist, Temple Israel, Friday night services (2004-present)

  • Soloist (vocals, guitar and piano) Sept'07-present
  • Musical support on piano, guitar and vocal harmony for lay cantors '04-'07

Musical Director and Accompanist, Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble (2014-present)

  • Direct all musical parts and harmonies, working with all performers
  • Develop and play accompaniment for all performances

Vocal Tech, St. Lawrence College, Brockville campus (2019-present)

  • Vocal, rep, interpretation
  • One-on-one coaching

Current professional music activities

Accompanist/arranger/coach, musical theater (1992-present)

  • Ottawa's busiest musical theater accompanist at Kiwanis Festival with a reputation for high quality
  • musical theater accompaniment within Ontario, and at Provincials, and when geography permits, Nationals
  • collaboration with many vocal studios within Ottawa, and within greater Ontario
  • ~1000 clients served
  • 100+ pieces performed annually during spring adjudication season for decades
  • thousands of pieces performed in public for adjudication in aggregate
  • hundreds of students with first place age category honors in Ottawa, advancing to "Trophy Night"
  • 50+ students with honors in Provincials
  • Always develop and use my own original musical theater arrangements
  • Extensive musical theater coaching and mentoring - interpretation, text, vocal, delivery

Performing musician (1991-present)

  • Piano, guitar, voice ≠ hundreds of professional appearances
  • Musical theater, jazz, rock, pop, Klezmer, Jewish, Yiddish, classical
  • Private functions, and as recommended pianist at Chateau Laurier, National Arts Centre, Brookstreet Hotel, etc. in Ottawa
  • Private functions handled through Ottawa Wedding Piano and Piano for all occasions
  • Pianist for Becky Abbott Trio (jazz), at one time in heavy rotation ( the Brookstreet Hotel)

Teacher, private studio (2004-present)

  • Teach mainly piano, but also coach musical theater, guitar and voice

Teacher, Jewish studies (1995-present)

  • Music - Temple Israel (1994-2000, 2003-present)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation (50+ students Temple Israel, ~5 students Conservative)
  • B'nai Mitzvah class, Temple Israel (1995-2000) ≠ trop, brachot, Hebrew; Music program,

Producer, Dr L's Music (1992-present)

  • Produce piano and full band backups for singers (1000+ tracks produced)
  • Produce demo recordings for singers
  • Produce and act as musician/arranger for complete CDs for clients
  • Produce/direct/arrange/perform on complete original CDs; >thousands of downloads sold


  • >100 compositions in classical, sacred, jazz, musical theater, pop genres
  • dozens of compositions used in public performance
  • collaborations with multiple lyricists and singers
  • two staged musicals produced in Ottawa
  • recent discography below

Selected professional performance credits

  • Musical Director and accompanist: Carleton University Musical Theatre Ensemble (CUMTE) production "Songs for a New World", 2018
  • Musical Director and accompanist: CUMTE production "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", 2018
  • Musical Director and accompanist: CUMTE revue "Broadway North: a tribute to the Canadian musical", 2017
  • Musical Director and accompanist: CUMTE production "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", 2016
  • Musical Director and accompanist: CUMTE revue "Pop goes the musical", 2015
  • Bass (vocal): Musica Ebraica concert "Prayer and Celebration: Liturgical music from around the world", 2015
  • Director, multi-instrument arranger and pianist, Agudath Israel Kabbalat Shabbat ensemble, 2010-2011
  • Musical Director, performance pianist, co-producer and composer: "Olympus the Musical" - both Workshop and Showcase, won $2000 ARTicipate grant, 2011
  • Musical coordinator and performance pianist: various concerts in support of Isaac Muzikansky: "My Parents' Favourite Yiddish Songs" -- Yiddish music CD, 2011
  • Pianist: Jennifer Gould's concert DVD for her Juno Award winning "Music Soup", 2009
  • Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "New Clothes for the Empress", 2009
  • Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "Dads in Bondage", 2008
  • Pianist and arranger: backup tracks for GOYA's production "A little bird told me", 2008
  • Tenor, accompanist, composer: Musica Ebraica concert "Joy and Faith", 2008
  • Co-Musical Director, performance and rehearsal accompanist: Ain't Seen Noth'n Yet's production of Steven Sondheim's "Putting it together", 2006
  • Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Suzart's production of "You're a good man, Charlie Brown", 2006
  • Producer, arranger and musician: 15 minute orchestrated soundtrack for Kanata Children's Chorus production of "Oliver", 2006
  • Profiled on CJOH-TV for "Regional Contact" May 28, 2005
  • Invited judge: 2005 and 2006 Ottawa Kiwanis Idol
  • Musical Director and performance pianist: RadioSirens' productions of "Fearless", multiple Ottawa venues, 2005
  • Ba'al Korei (Torah reader): Agudath Israel, 2004
  • Producer and musician: backup tracks for Nemesis production "Showbuzz", 2004
  • Musical Director, performance pianist, composer and arranger: Dr L & Lila Rose's production of "Cupid 911", 4th stage National Arts Centre, 2004
  • Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Kanata Children's Chorus production "Scrooge", 2003
  • Performance and rehearsal accompanist: Nemesis production "Extravaganza", 2003
  • Performance accompanist, Kostas Haitas' production: "Mama, a Rainbow", 2002
  • Accompanist: Stephanie Gorin casting for Mirvish Productions, Mamma Mia, 2002

Selected discography (complete CDs only):

  • Larry Tarof: "C is for Cosmopolitan" -- original compositions, jazz piano CD -- composer/producer/pianist -- 2012
  • Olympus the musical First cast recording -- original compositions, musical theatre CD -- composer/producer/pianist -- 2011
  • Isaac Muzikansky: "My Parents' Favourite Yiddish Songs" -- producer/arranger/musician -- 2011
  • Shneur: "Modeh Ani/Gratitude" -- Hebrew music CD -- producer/arranger/musician -- 2008
  • RadioSirens: "Fearless" -- pop music CD -- composer/producer/musician -- 2005
  • Dr L and Lila Rose: "Cupid 911" -- musical theatre CD -- composer/producer/musician -- 2004
  • Numerous backup and demo CDs produced/performed not listed here -- client list is available upon request

Selected additional positions previously held

Director, Agudath Israel Adult Choir (2004-2013)

  • Direct SATB choir with cantorial soloist for synagogue and concert singing
  • Choir enjoyed excellent reputation in the community and in greater public, including for Israel's 60th anniversary attended by Federal Cabinet
  • Repertoire includes my original compositions and arrangements

Director, Agudath Israel Youth Choir (2006-2013)

  • Direct two- and three-part youth choir for synagogue and concert singing
  • Choir enjoyed successful appearances in synagogue and in greater public, including for the Israeli Ambassador
  • Repertoire - my original arrangements tailored to each cohort's capabilities

Principal, Creative, 11 note chords (2012-2016)

  • Goal was to "bottle" Larry’s techniques for bringing piano playing app for pop/rock/jazz to the public
  • Successfully developed "Piano playlist" app, which taught how to play the same piece at multiple levels and with multiple rhythms/feels

Contract performance instructor, Jazz/Rock piano, Carleton University 2008-c.2010

Accompanist, Kanata Children's Choir 2002- c.2006

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