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Larry has accompanied professionally in the Ottawa area since 1992. Classically trained, his musical theater, jazz and pop arrangements are custom created to suit the unique requirements of every soloist, from beginner to professional. Larry has accompanied thousands of songs in public.

Sheet music not available? Your sheet music has no resemblence to the version you really need? Not a problem! Larry does "lifts" of music. Transpositions, dance breaks and other custom requirements are easily handled.

Larry is available for vocal recitals, music festivals, exams, auditions and workshops.

Larry also accompanies outside of Ottawa -- for example for Provincial Festivals. Here is a list of Larry's clients who have recently received honors in OMFA Provincials for Musical Theater.

Year Competitor Placing From
2019 Karlie Moore 3rd place, Senior Windsor
2019 Kaylee Garcia 3rd place, Intermediate Pembroke
2019 Aimee Gordon 3rd place, Intermediate Peterborough
2019 Nicole Parisien Honorable mention, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2019 Anna Gaudino 3rd place, Elementary Thunder Bay
2018 Abbey Flockton Honorable mention, Open Ottawa
2018 Angela Valela 2nd place, Advanced Thunder Bay
2018 Aly Murphy 3rd place, Advanced Ottawa
2018 Maya Harris-Harb 1st place, Intermediate Ottawa
2018 Nicole Parisien 3rd place, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2018 Will Lockyer Honorable mention, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2018 Karlie Moore Honorable mention, Intermediate Windsor
2018 Charlie Lockyer 3rd place, Junior Thunder Bay
2018 Kendall Cormier Honorable mention, Junior Thunder Bay
2018 Mason Doornaert Honorable mention, Junior Windsor
2018 Sydney Kinisky Honorable mention, Elementary Thunder Bay
2018 Sierra Levesque Honorable mention, Elementary Ottawa
2017 Chloe Weir 1st place, Nationals Stratford
2017 Michelle Gendron 2nd place, Open Ottawa
2017 Abbey Flockton Honorable mention, Open Ottawa
2017 Shae Niemi Honorable mention, Senior Thunder Bay
2017 Sarah Kajorinne Honorable mention, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2017 Mason Doornaert Honorable mention, Elementary Windsor
2017 Emma McDonald Honorable mention, Elementary Windsor
2016 Ella Doornaert Honorable mention, Open Windsor
2016 James Casselman Honorable mention, Advanced Ottawa
2016 Michelle Gendron Honorable mention, Advanced Ottawa
2016 Abby Woodhouse Honorable mention, Senior Grey
2016 Nicole Parisien 3rd place, Junior Thunder Bay
2016 Regan White Honorable mention, Junior Windsor
2016 Mason Doornaert 2nd place, Elementary Windsor
2015 Fae Alexander 1st place, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2015 Emma McDonald 2nd place, Elementary Windsor
2014 Abbey Flockton 1st place, Junior Ottawa
2014 Dante Rahim Honorable Mention, Elementary Windsor
2013 Joyce Mwandemange 1st place, Advanced Ottawa
2013 Mara Fraccaro 3rd place, Advanced Woodbridge
2013 Elizabeth Zuback 3rd Place, Senior Thunder Bay
2013 Danielle Lemieux Honorable Mention, Senior Ottawa
2013 Abbey Flockton Honorable Mention, Junior Ottawa
2013 Matteo Belloni 1st place, Elementary Ottawa
2013 Madox Terrell 2nd place, Elementary Ottawa
2013 Dante Rahim 3rd place, Elementary Windsor
2013 Capri Ruberto Anderson Honorable Mention, Elementary Thunder Bay
2012 Michele Frenette 2nd place, Advanced Ottawa
2012 Meaghan Sider Honorable Mention, Senior London
2012 Danielle Lemieux 2nd Place, Intermediate Ottawa
2012 Elizabeth Zuback 3rd Place, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2012 Madox Terrell 2nd Place, Elementary Ottawa
2012 Dante Rahim Honorable Mention, Elementary Windsor
2011 Cole Larson 1st Place, Intermediate Thunder Bay
2011 Olivia Duffin Honorable Mention, Junior Ottawa
2010 Adrian Zeyl 1st Place, Advanced Ottawa
2010 Matthieu Cameron Honorable Mention, Advanced Cornwall
2010 Paula Berry 2nd Place, Intermediate Ottawa
2009 Viviane Clemot-Dupont 1st Place, Junior Ottawa

The number of Larry's clients who have received honors in National Capital area Kiwanis (Larry's local festival) for Musical Theater number in the hundreds.

Need a custom lift done, or backup CD -- piano or orchestrated? Dr L's can handle this as well, whether or not you live in the Ottawa area.

standard rate $55
minimum 1 half hour $30
minimum 2 songs with CD piano backup $55, mp3 included
additional CDs of backup $5 per CD

Dr L has done accompaniment work in Ottawa since 1992. He is an annual fixture at the Kiwanis Music Festival, and accompanies for recitals and for private functions. Examples of non-local clients: accompanying Jen Gould, Juno award winner, on her concert DVD in Ottawa "Music Soup the DVD", audition accompanist for Mirvish Productions' Mamma Mia Ottawa casting. Dr. L has also appeared accompanying on CJOH TV and the new RO in Ottawa. He has a loyal following within the Ottawa music scene for original pop/musical theatre arrangements, recordings and competitions. He also accompanies most Friday nights at Temple Israel. He has accompanied hundreds of satisfied clients. And many clients who chose to work with Larry in the formative stages of their careers are now professionals themselves -- be it teaching, on Broadway, recording in LA and so on.