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Dr L's offers a wide range of musical services, from performance (piano accompaniment/live performance/music lessons) to arranging/composing to production (backup CDs/sheet music/vocal CDs). Dr L's studio is based in Ottawa, Canada

Reviews and playlists -- Larry Tarof "C is for Cosmopolitan" released 2012 Dr L's Music:

A nice spotlight on one of Canada's leading jazz piano lights
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review
Dr L's Music: Larry Tarof "C is for Cosmopolitan" (Mar 30, 2012)

If you wonder what it is about this research scientist's (hence the 'Dr.' tag) jazz piano that grabs you by surprise, it might be because he cites Vince Guaraldi and Oliver Jones as his primary influences. Easy cats to dig that knew how to bring jazz to the masses. This ambitious set of originals puts a nice spotlight on one of Canada's leading jazz piano lights who apparently has enough patents under his belt to tell his parents he did what they wanted him to do, now it's his turn. Fun, breezy stuff that sounds like the sound of a cat finally doing things his way and being able to make the most of it. Well done.

"C"† also stands for "Complete"
by Joost van Steen, host Jazz & Blues Tour, The Netherlands
Dr L's Music: Larry Tarof "C is for Cosmopolitan" (May 4, 2012)

Together with Carlo Maragno on drums and Sonya Matoussova on Cello This "C"† also stands for "Complete"† by means of†completion in variations and†styles on this new CD. Great instrumental skills and nice variations in tempo make this CD a pleasure to listen to.†I would especially point out the two solo tracks #14 and #15 where the skills of Larry Tarof come to full bloom, so†this is†absolutely a CD to have in one's collection!

Alphen Stad FM 105.4

A Gem of Modern Jazz

author: Jamie Anne Bentz

C is for Cosmopolitan clearly offers more than a unique, crisp, yet exquisitely poetic soundčalthough it certainly does offer thatčit offers an experience that rejuvenates and redefines what music should be. Tarof, through his inspiring playing and riveting compositions, has successfully mastered a product that takes a holistic approach that so many musicians forget to nurture: he offers isteners with a sound that is both emotionally inspiring and soothingly natural.

Tarof is artistically meticulous is sculpting what truly is a moving story in each of his jazz-inspired, rhythmically-pulsed pieces. The romantic exposť of 'Waiting For Ellie ', painted through flowing piano melodies and wonderfully sculpted dynamics, offers a thrilling contrast to the lively, completely relatable and modern sculpture of 'Morning Glory' (one can almost smell a fresh brew of coffee and the happy jumble of busy streets on a weekday). His pieces offer lyrics in themselves; his songs are individual journeys that complement each other as a whole.

Tarof adds texture to his work as he features the stylings of Sonya Matoussova, particularly in the moving piece, 'Pink Lady', ensuring that the added cello offers a second character to the piece. Similarly, the numbers that feature the talented Carlo Maragno have been carefully chosen, indeed: Maragno's beats that duet with Tarof's piano, particularly in the catchy, 'Beillini', compliment fabulous piano scats which are, in themselves, beautiful additions.

Through careful, never dissonant, composing and polished playing that neither rambles nor falls short of its artistic summit, Cosmopolitan is a treat that deserves far beyond a mere 'C'.

'A +' is for 'Amazing'. '


C is for Classy

by Gordon Bell

Larry lays down some beautiful, classy jazz on this disc. There are some tasty piano solos, personal favorite is "Rick's". Lots of great work with drummer Carlo Maragno on some of the up-tempo tracks and cellist Sonya Matoussova on some of the ballads.

Immaculately recorded, the piano shines, the drums sizzle and the cello is very evocative.


Jazz that you will be whistling to

author: Phil Rushworth

This is a great jazz piano (and sometimes drums) album. The tunes are catchy and you will find yourself singing them in your head. You may even end up improvising your own solos over the chord changes. Get this album!



by Jennifer Tarof

Always great to see a new jazz artist hit the scene. I love that Manhattan is not up-tempo. It makes me feel like I'm walking home from a late night as opposed to just starting my day. Bellini is deliciously upbeat and makes me want to snap my fingers and sip a cocktail (which seems to be the point of the album lol). Favourite song is Mint Julep. Love the drums and just how happy the song is. Kind of reminds me of Vince Guaraldi.

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